ProAiir Hybrid Makeup 2 oz. Bottles

ProAiir Hybrid Makeup 2 oz. Bottles

ProAiir Hybrid Makeup 2 oz. Bottles

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ProAiir™ Hybrid Makeup Instructions

•Goes on smooth and provides unbeatable durability. Applied correctly, designs can last up to 3 days!
•Shelf life open bottles 3-5 years. Unopened bottles shelf life 10 years.
•Vast selection of vibrant colors including Fluorescent.
•Fantastic coverage for all fantasy makeup artist’s needs.
•Dries instantly allowing rapid layering without worry of stencils lifting colors.
•Completely water repellant enabling application in hot or rainy conditions without smearing or running.
•Smudge proof formula sets instantly and won’t rub off or damage clothing.
•Formulated for ultimate flowability without separation of pigments.
•Almost no mist or fog created when using in closed areas.
•Fluorescent colors will not need a white base to Pop color and look great under black light.
•Readymade formula never requires diluting.
•Screw on adaptor caps right on bottles and go!
•Perfect for any application on prosthetics: sprays directly on foam masks and other materials.
•Hypoallergenic formula safe for use on sensitive skin. (Cosmetic alcohol content identical to that in liquid eye liners.)
•More sanitary, doesn’t collect mold like water base products can.
•Aromatic fragrance is pleasant to the senses.
•Do not apply if your customer have allergies to fragrances.
•FDA compliant and made in USA!

Directions for use:

Set air pressure between 10-15 PSI (may vary by compressor – keep it comfortable for the model).

Shake makeup bottle VERY WELL! Then secure to airbrush with adaptor caps.

Use with adequate ventilation, keeping away from flames.

Best when applied to clean, oil-free skin. Wipe skin with wipes, never apply makeup foundation to skin before applying ProAiir. That creates a barrier over the clean skin. Apply to SKIN is best!

Lightly hold stencil against skin, if applicable.

Ask customer to close eyes when spraying and hold breath when spraying around nose.

Spray between 2-4 inches from skin for best color and control. LESS IS BEST!

Apply in light coats, layering for deeper effect. Layer multiple colors for interesting looks.

Wipe off overspray with rubbing alcohol on Qtip.

Avoid makeup clumps, caused by moister getting into makeup bottles from high humidity days – place INLINE DESICCANT filter after water trap to filter all water. ProAiir hates water!

Removal from skin: Remember that ProAiir™ is water repellant! Water alone will NOT do the trick. Wipe off with oil (e.g. baby oil), makeup remover or lather with liquid soap first, then rinse with water or towel. For full bodypaint,  lather liquid soap first to breakdown the makeup (no water at first). Then rinse in shower.

Removal from fabric (e.g. clothing): Do NOT use water. Apply alcohol or alcohol-based hair spray and dab to remove.

Airbrush cleaning: Rubbing alcohol 91% + proof is fine but for extensive cleaning – Denatured Alcohol is recommended. Seek out the biodegradable green formula found at Home Depot or Lowes paint dept. (Denatured is also used to clean windows). Spray Denatured alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol through airbrush (front spray and back flush). Withdraw airbrush needle slightly, tighten in place then place airbrush tip down into storage jar containing roughly one inch of Rubbing Alcohol. (just enough to submerge the airbrush siphon) for storage. Quick airbrush flushing may be required in extreme heat to keep from drying up needles.

Stencil cleaning: When stencils require cleaning to restore appearance, store in zip-locking bag or shallow bowl containing 91% + Alcohol for 30-60 minutes. Rinse and dry upon removing. Using ProAiir it’s so thin you will find little makeup layers on stencils, some people don’t even clean them!

DO NOT over oil your airbrush – oil your airbrushes after 20 uses or when needed. This will cause spattering of ink. ONLY use airbrush OIL not household oil-that will be bad news! If you do here are some tips: Set compressor at high pressure 45+ (blast them clean) and use mister and spray airbrush cleaner or Denatured Alcohol thru siphon. Remove needle and spray from needle area of airbrush, wipe needle and repeat a few times. Remember to return pressure to 15. A few good back flushes would be great!

Special notes:
-Do not apply if your customer have allergies to fragrances
-Do NOT mix ProAiir™ with water or any other products.
-ProAiir™ Hybrid colors CAN be mixed to create new blended colors.
-Fluorescent colors separate a little and require shaking or stirring.
-Should separation occur, shake, stir or quickly back flush the airbrush (cover the adaptor cap air hole and back flush spray briefly to mix pigments).
-Look up videos on airbrush back flush – don’t try if not familiar with it.
-Metallic’s generally have shorter staying power than other formulas.
-When using white, apply first to skin – sometimes does not cover opaque over red colors.
-Sensitive skin may apply white first before using for Hot Pink, it may stain slightly.
-Do not apply to open wounds, sunburn skin or soars. (Will cause a little stinging.)
-Shake bottle well, pigment can be richer and harder to remove from skin.
-Adding a marble can help with mixing liquids in bottles.
-Not recommending glass bottles, plastic is preferred. Glass breaks and attracts heat causing evaporation of product or thickening.

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