CSFE - Silicone

CSFE - Silicone

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  • Manufacturer: RBFX
  • Product Code: CSFE
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 Average shipping is  5 to 6 days after order is placed.

Welcome to the RBFX Collection.

This collection of makeup prosthetics was created for the many fast turnaround projects for film, television, commercials and stage. RBFX brings realism and quality with every prosthetic design. Each artist and technician in the staff is a special FX veteran working in the film industry ensuring quality craftsmanship and sought -after products.

RBFX is owned and operated by Roland Blancaflor,  a 25 year veteran to the special makeup FX industry. Working with Rob Bottin, Greg Cannom,  Rick Baker, and Mike Elizalde, Roland has contributed to five Oscar awards and seven Oscar nominations since beginning his career in 1988. Roland created RBFX in 2008, which continues to serve hundreds of films and projects nationally and internationally.

Sculpted by:   Eric Koo

Mold by:   Clayton Martinez

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