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Monster Club - Zombie Half Mask Kit

Made To Order: 3-5 Business days

If you would like to donate a kit to a Monster Club kid, select 'Donation' from the drop down options.

Made To Order 3-5 Business Days
This Mask kit was Sculpted by CASEY WONG. Casey is a true MONSTER KID! Started making monsters before he could walk, just about.  He is now a professional artist Working in Film and Television. He has an amazing artistic style and we are very happy to be working with him. 
The kit contains all water-based products and with adult supervision can be a family fun craft.   The Mabry Monsters rubber mask paint will wash out of brushes as long as it is still in its wet form. Dr Puppet Stein's amazing contact adhesive will not wash out of brushes we suggest using the q-tips to apply the glue.
Dr puppet Stein's contact adhesive will bond permanently to latex. You can use it to attach the mask to a hood or attach elastic straps to the mask. Remember the glue is pressure sensitive. Use light pressure to attach straps or Hood if not lined correctly you can peel off without damaging the surfaces. Once you have it in perfect alignment use heavy pressure pushing both sides for a permanent Bond.