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Prosthetics Magazine - Issue 19


There’s a heady mix of subjects in this issue covering everything from creature FX on a grand scale to the most delicate of likeness character makeups, and the visual splendor of a social media sensation. Our 26-page celebration of treasured industry company KNB EFX Group is not to be missed, as well as useful info about subjects such as airbrush compressors, digital manufacturing techniques and sourcing vegan makeup FX products.


The story so far of the prosthetics for Star Trek: Picard told by prosthetics designer Vincent Van Dyke, prosthetics and special makeup effects department head James Mackinnon, and lead creature designer Neville Page

Jason Hamer recounts the build of an extraordinary 40-foot sea creature for a new telling of the Peter Pan legend in Wendy

Internet sensation Vanessa Davis, aka The Skulltress, discusses her journey from theatrical hair and makeup artist to full-time social media influencer