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Ultralease EPX GP (formerly Epoxy Parfilm Ultra 4) 12oz

ORMD: Ground Shipping Only

rice-Driscoll Ultralease EPX GP (formerly Epoxy Parfilm Ultra 4) Mold Release is recommended for epoxy resins. Its highly effective ultra-thin film forming application offers a better release than polyvinyl alcohol or wax. Its ultra-thin film maintains the fidelity of the cast piece and affords better surface reproduction and finish. Heat stable to 635°F.

The GP group of mold releases is engineered for molding plastics that exhibit solvent sensitivity. GP's are a highly sophisticated family of solventless mold releases. Cycle times are faster and production is more efficient as no time is lost waiting for a solvent to evaporate. Release agent is fast drying with the same time proven and active ingredients found in our other GP mold releases. The propellants and active ingredients also support commitment to environmental responsiblity, worker safety, prudent and economically productive manufacturing practices.

ORMD Ground Shipping Only