Prosthetics Magazine - Issue 18

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It’s a fascinating melange of masterful work in this issue – reality TV and retrospectives, blockbusters and trailblazers, and of course some demons, nightmares, hauntings, and invisible friends. All your favourites, and the chance to gen up from the ground up on airbrushes – you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to look at first!


  • The second of a two-part feature on the legendary Rick Baker, from Thriller through to The Grinch, Planet of the Apes, and beyond
  • 1917 Oscar-nominated Tristan Versluis on dead bodies, war wounds, and animatronic blood gags for the acclaimed Sam Mendes ‘one-shot’, 360-degree, continuous action war film
  • Makeup Effects team Dave and Lou Elsey create elaborate woman-into-man transformations for Bravo’s social experiment reality TV show, and act as on-camera mentors as well