PLATSIL GEL 10 16lb Kit

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Kit contains: 8 lbs. (A)  8 lbs. (B) = Total 16 lbs.

PlatSil Gel-10

Soft, Translucent, RTV Liquid Silicone Rubber

Fro Theatrical Prosthetics, Lifecasting & Mold Making Applications


PlatSil Gel-10 is a 1A: 1B (by weight or volume) platinum silicone with a 5-6 minute working time the that cures in 30 minutes to a Shore ~A10 hardness. Use PlatSil Gel-10 as a mold rubber to create prosthetic appliances and for lifecasting.


  • Soft (~a10), translucent, silicone rubber
  • Add "Deadener" to create ultra-realistic prosthetic appliances
  • Fast 30-minute demold with 6-minute working time
  • PlatSil 71R retarder slows the cure
  • PlatSil 71/73x Accelerator speeds the cure
  • PlatThix thickens the mix to a brushable paste
  • Bonds to Poly Plastics

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