Bloodline Master Set 1oz

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Contains 1 oz. each: 

  • Old Bone White
  • Dermatitis Tan
  • Injury Ochre
  • Infectious Pink
  • Blood Red
  • Coagulated Crimson
  • Vascular Violet
  • Deep Bruise Purple
  • Expired Blue
  • Code Blue
  • Decay
  • Blunt Trauma Umber
  • Diseased Umber
  • Surgery Sienna
  • Vile Green
  • Transparent Base
  • High Performance Reducer

Tim Gore is an extremely talented artist with over 25 years experience in the film special effects industry.Bloodline™ is a line of airbrush colors specifically created by Tim Gore with colors designed for the subtleties of painting everything from "hyper real" creatures, humanoids and monsters, latex masks, resin kits and anything your imagination can come up with.

Bloodline™ is a part of the Createx Illustration Colors™ line. Createx Illustration Colors™ are a refined, water-based airbrush colors optimized for true fine-line, detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable effects and subtle erasing techniques. Illustration Colors are light, fast, and durable. No reduction necessary. Illustration Colors atomize and spray excellent through small airbrush tip sizes down to 0.15mm at low psi settings straight out of the bottle. 

Reducer and Transparent Base is offered in our illustration Colors line for artists wishing to make colors even thinner or more transparent based on subjective preferences, however, most artists will find performance is excellent straight out of the bottle. Illustration Colors are compatible with urethane and most any type of clear, paint and primer.