DR. PUPPETSTEIN 16 oz. Foam & Fabric Contact Adhesive

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DR. PUPPRTSTEIN'S   Foam & Fabric Contact Adhesive is water based and works on most Foam & Fabric.   

It can be applied by Airbrush or Brush. It is a pressure sensitive contact adhesive. ( Example.  when gluing fabric to foam,  The glue on the fabric and foam must be dried.   if you apply gentle pressure on the fabric  from the top side only when apply to foam it will release with out damaging ether surface.  once aligned properly apply heavy pressure from top and bottom and you will have a permanent bond. )

L200, L300, L400... Upholstery Foam,  Sheet Foam,  Cosplay Foam,   Craft Foam,  Styrofoam,   Poly Foam,  Fabric / Felt / Leather,  Wood.