GOOEY FX BLOOD JAM 128 oz Gallon

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GOOEY FX  BLOOD JAM is a thick blood paste that is cabosil free and made with the original "THE BLOOD " by Gary J. Tunnicliffe of TWO HOURS IN THE DARK.

'The Blood' is heavily tinted with a mix colorants for 'on camera' realism, extensive testing was done to create a color that best replicates real blood, dark in large quantities, more red when thin or on light surfaces. Careful attention was also exercised to create a blood that when thinned with water contact it did not become 'cherry red' but would 'bleed' with red and brown coloring as real blood does.'The Blood' also contains various detergents to minimize staining to the max - although it is always best to test the blood first and no guarantee of non staining is made. Finally the blood contains an agent to hinder 'foaming' if the blood is agitated.Due to the fact that 'The Blood' does contain the above agents it is not for consumption (although it is not poisonous) and contact with the eyes should be avoided - if 'The Blood' does get into the eyes they should be flushed immidiately with clean water.When cleaning 'The Blood' from skin, hair or wardrobe alcohol based cleaners and dry cleaning agents should not be used, these can break down the colorants in 'The Blood' and 'push' them into the skin or fabric - Plain water (preferably warm or hot) with a little soap or shampoo is the best thing for skin and hair - followed by a regular 'wash' for clothing.