Human Eye Kit

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With our easy to use kits, you can make your own eyes to complete any bust, mask, makeup, etc.

We offer two variations:

  1. Traditional version: offers a slightly concave iris with a pupil meant for painting with acrylics/oils. The concave design allows the artist to achieve greater depth than with a flat painting surface.
  2. Decal version: allows you to utilize Photoshop or another digital painting program to paint your irises and print them out. Then and simply apply them to the .5in diameter indentation and cast.

Your kit includes: 
•1 Platinum Silicone Core Mold 
•1 Platinum Silicone Clear Coat Mold
•1 Aluminum Filled Resin Casting Plate 
•1 ¼ 20 Casting Bolt 
•Step by Step Guide to Casting your Eyes.

Additional casting plates and molds can be purchased to increase production times. These molds were also designed with an Aquapres (hydraulic pressure pot from Lang Dental) in mind. The full kit (both molds) can fit into a pot at the same time.