Life Casting Kit - Head Full *US Ground Shipping Included*

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Full Head Life Casting Kit      *** US GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE***
This kit includes high quality products to get the best results for your life cast.
Kit Includes: 
Qty: 12    Gypsona Plaster Bandage Roll 4in - extra fast set.
Qty: 1    Pros-Aide 1oz
Qty: 1    Isopropyl Myristate 2oz
Qty: 1    Latex Bald Cap
Qty: 1    Q-tip - 5 pack
Qty: 1    Petroleum Jelly 1oz 
Qty: 1    Alginate - P.G.C. - 3 lb 
Qty: 2    Chip Brush 1in
Qty: 4pr. Vinyl Glove Sz.- Lg
Qty: 1    Burlap Yard
Qty: 1    Ultra Cal 30 - 25 lb * Ships separate*
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