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Our Mad Scientist at MPFX has done it again!  *  RUBBER MASK REPAIR KIT  * 

FEATURING MONSTER PATCH DNA & CONTACT ADHESIVE that will bond to Natural Latex Rubber. With 5X the stretch of Mask/Slip Cast Latex it will NOT peel or crack.
Monster Patch Contact Adhesive is pressure sensitive. Light pressure will allow you to separate the bond without messing up the surfaces. Heavy pressure will give a permanent bond.
The Patch and Contact Adhesive will bond to NATURAL LATEX RUBBER, FOAM and FABRIC.

Patch Holes
Repair Tears
Add Elastic Straps
Add Texture and Raised Veins to your mask
Bonds power netting to inside of mask to reinforce eyes, mouth and neck
Bonds foam to make your mask fit better

Developed  by Dr. Puppetstein
Manufactured by Motion Picture F/X Company.
Exclusively for the Mabry Monsters product line.