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MPFX Mold Silicone Quart Kit


"A Quality Silicone at an Economy Price"    Our most popular tin based mold making silicone.

MPFX MOLD SILICONE: Use High Pro-Blue for a 4-6 Hour Demold. Or High Pro-Green for a 12 hour Demold.



Color                                       White

Consistency                            Pourable

Viscosity, cP. (mPa.s)            40,000


TYPICAL CATALYZED PROPERTIES                               Hi-Pro Green                         Hi-Pro Blue (fast catalyst)

Viscosity, cP. (mPa.s)                                                         30,000                                        

Pot Life,  hours                                                                            4                                                 

Demold Time,  hrs at RT                                                          16                                                 

24 Hour Thick Section Hardness,  Shore A                          23                                               


TYPICAL PROPERTIES OF CURED RUBBER                 Hi-Pro Green                         Hi-Pro Blue (fast catalyst)

Specific Gravity                                                                     1.11                                              1.10

Hardness  (Shore A)                                                                25                                                  27

Tensile Strength,  psi (N/mm2)                                           660 (4.6)                                      620 (4.2)

Enlongation  (%)                                                                     450                                               390   

Tear Resistance, ppi (N/mm)                                               1125 (21.9)                                    120 (21.1)       

Linear Shrinkage,  (%)                          24 hours                    0.2                                               0.4

                                                                    7 days                      0.4                                              0.6

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