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SCARE GLOW "GLOW IN THE DARK" Rubber Mask Paint 4 oz.


4oz. GLOW IN THE DARK  Rubber Mask Paint

The Motion Picture F/X Company has teamed up with Justin Mabry of Mabry Monsters and Trick or Treat Studios,  to bring you "SCARE GLOW" GLOW IN THE DARK  Air Brush friendly Rubber Mask Paint.  "SCARE GLOW"   GLOW IN THE DARK  paints come in 3 different colors. Available in  4oz,  & 8oz. Larger sizes available by Special order.  Our special formula keeps the Paint from clumping up or hardening. We make this one on the thicker side to help with Dry Brush and Stippling techniques but can be thinned with purified water to Airbrush.

HAUNTED (Glow Aqua)

ECTO  (Glow Green)

PHANTOM (Glow Blue)

Justin Mabry grew up in the eighties on a steady monster diet of Don Post, Distortions Unlimited, Dick Smith,Rick Baker, Greg Cannom and Tom Savini. He began creating his own masks when he was 12. In 1997, he launched Nightowl Productions and became one of the first monster makers to offer fine limited edition Halloween masks online. Today, he is Creative Director of Trick or Treat Studios and has overseen production of products for such licenced properties as AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, CREEPSHOW, GAME OF THRONES, and THE WALKING DEAD. Mabry is a special effects artist, character designer, and actor. He's thrilled to be partnering with Motion Picture FX, utilizing over twenty years of industry experience to design and create a new line of sculpting armatures, sculpting tools, as well as NIGHT SHADES--quality rubber mask paints formulated for monster makers everywhere.

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